This line of lures are custom designed manufactured and painted in Canada. 

Vertical Shad
Never before has a vertical jigging lure offered what the infinity vertical shad offers. Custom designed with a 2\0 front and back hook , center balanced and a #8 treble under the belly to guarantee when that HAWG bites it is hooked. This lure is 2-1\2iches and weighs approximatly 3\4oz. (Replace #7-9 Raps with these)

(custom colors availiable with minimums)

Infinity Junior Shads
We did it!! The big shads had babies. We now have the ability to make the infinity Juniors at your request. These are approx 3\8oz and perfect for anytime you need a smaller presentation.  #2 hook front and back with #10 treble underneath. (Replace #5 raps with this size.)

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