The inline weight has revolutionized and simplified walleye fishing from North to South east to West . No longer do you need expensive complex tackle to get out on big water and catch big fish. With these inlines they are designed amazingly lifelike and we can paint them to match your best color or baitfish. This style is availiable in 1\2, 1 and 2oz and I have added a stinger hook to make these not just a weight but a lure. Fish these with your favorite harness, or add a lead to your #1 spoon or crankbait. Even if you are in super deep water running these off downriggers they will assist you targeting specific depths. Feel free to email me for suggestions on how to use these in all sorts of different situations.
Pics show sample colors but we can customize to suit your needs.
Of course we do the standard firetigers, clowns, rainbow colors but as you can see we will create what you need. 

Retail $3.00 (stinger eye no treble)
Wholesale min 10 per color $1.75
Dealer min 100 pcs $1.50

True to Life Deep Inlines
This custom design is another super lifelike inline with stinger but made bigger and badder . These are great for deeper running or faster trolling applications. Availiable in 2.5 and 5oz and of course we will custom paint to suit your needs. 
Retail 2.5oz $5.00, 5oz $6.00
Wholesale- min 10 per sz and color 2.5oz$2.50, 5oz $2.80
Dealer Min 100pcs 2.5oz $2.00, 5oz $2.50

Built with heavy duty eyes to allow these to be used in deeper water as well as for bigger fish including rainbows and musky.

RETAIL $2.50 - $3.50- $4.00
Wholesale $1.40- $1.70 $2.00
Dealer $1.00 - $1.40 - $1.70.
Same inline with sz4 BB swivel for musky please add 50 cents