After 20++ years in the fishing tackle industry we have tried just about every piece and part manufactured worldwide. We truly believe our supplier of  swivels, split rings, 3d eyes, wire forms and components is the best quality and the best price . We have been dealing direct with this company for over 6 years and have tried many others but quite simply this is the best product for the best price. We have worked out an arrangement where the supplier will ship direct to our customers which saves everyone with multiple shipping cost. 

Sz 2 and Sz 3 Ball Bearing swivels with dual split rings!
sz2 best for sz2-4 blades and sz 3 for 4-6 blades
We have sold 100's of 1000's of these to many top spinnerbait and lure manufacturers worldwide.
Wether you need 100 or 100,000 we can deliver .
100pcs -$24 FREE SHIPPING
250 pcs -$50 FREE SHIPPING
500pcs -$90 FREE SHIPPING
1000pcs - $150 FREE SHIPPING
5000 pcs - $650 FREE SHIPPING
10,000 - $1100.00 FREE SHIPPING

With the explosion of the fresh water umbrella rig we have developed the best arms used for manufacturing. We use solid 0.040 (1mm) diameter Stainless steel wire . All are straightened and have a full hooked end to secure the wire inside any head style. All our arms use top quality rolling crane swivels with coastlock snaps and they are attached to the arms directly with a full 1.5 twist so they will not break. Wether you are making a few rigs for yourself with a do-it mold or manufacturing 1000's to sell we can help with quality and savings.
50 pcs - $40 FREE SHIPPING
100pcs-$50 FREE SHIPPING
250pcs-$100 FREE SHIPPING
500pcs-$180 FREE SHIPPING
1000pcs-$320 FREE SHIPPING
5000pcs-$1400.00 FREE SHIPPING
10,000pcs-$2500.00 FREE SHIPPING